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AT&T Ability Scholarship Announcement

Applications have closed for our 2018 Ability Scholarship Program.

Are you a high school senior or college undergraduate who is attending or planning on attending an undergraduate degree program in 2019?  If so, this is the Ability Scholarship Program. Applications will be opening again in December 2018.

Questions about the application process can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Requirements for All Applicants

  • The application consists of providing an official school transcript, information about extra-curricular activities, employment and achievements/awards, and an essay (choice of 2 - 500 word recommended length).
  • Information about extra-curricular activities, employment and achievements/awards can include both high school and college years.
  • High School applicants also need to provide either an acceptance letter from a college OR a letter from a HS guidance counselor simply stating that the applicant intends to attend college in 2019.
  • Letters of recommendation are NOT required nor considered in the evaluation process.
  • Transcripts MUST be OFFICIAL - applicants providing UNOFFICIAL transcripts will be disqualified from consideration.
  • HS seniors taking dual enrollment classes ONLY need to provide an official HS transcript, not any from a college - the HS transcript should show the dual enrollment classes and their associated grades.
  • Applicants must approve a release authorizing Ability to use the applicant’s name on the Ability website and in the Ability newsletter.

The above requirements may vary prior to the launch of the next scholarship application process.