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Community Involvement is a special important part of Ability’s activities. There is an AT&T program that makes it easier for us to support the communities in which we live and work: the AT&T Community Giving Program is a corporate sponsored philanthropy program that allows employees to plan and administer their charitable giving, through the payroll process. The AT&T Community Giving Program enables employees to manage their many charitable donations under one umbrella. You can direct automatic payments to a wide range of charities, foundations, universities, hospitals, and more. Those donations that you would normally make outside of work can now be incorporated into one giving plan. At the end of the year, you can get a record of your charitable giving for tax preparation and financial planning purposes. The program not only benefits employees, but it also allows AT&T to be recognized for the scope of its philanthropic efforts. We strongly encourage our members to volunteer their time and pledge financial support to service programs that help make a difference in the lives of disabled people. We suggest the following for your consideration:

Ability's EIN (Electronic Identification Number) is 020555453.