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About Ability

Ability is an Employee Resource Group that Partners with AT&T in Raising
Sensitivity and Awareness of the Disability Community.

Ability is AT&T’s Employee Resource Group dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities within the community, the market place, and the workplace. We are passionate about:

  • Raising sensitivity, awareness, and understanding of challenges facing individuals with disabilities
  • Supporting programs that promote advancement and remove challenges impeding full employment, development, optimum productivity, and independent living of people with disabilities
  • Making technology accessible to people with disabilities with the understanding that universal design ensures overall business success and helps to improve the lives and productivity of people with disabilities
  • Providing programs such as mentoring, scholarships, one-on-one counseling, online resources, group resources & support, and teaching mobility device feature functionality
  • Highlighting talented artists with disabilities in our annual fundraising calendar
  • Leading various events through the year to raise awareness and funds for causes such as Autism and Alzheimer’s

Ability welcomes all employees to become members and invites everyone, with and without disabilities, who share our passions to participate in our programs.